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We help local governments demolish buildings that are no longer in use and establish modern rental buildings.

Services for local governments


Demolition support for local governments and companies

The purpose of demolition aid is to support local governments or subdivisions under their control, state authorities administered by governmental authorities or legal persons governed by private law in the demolition of buildings and structures that have fallen out of use, and which are located on an immovable belonging to them, which are in danger of collapsing or represent a fire hazard, if the renovation or transfer of such buildings and structures is not expedient.

Housing development investment support for local governments

The housing development investment support is meant to allow local governments to erect new buildings with rental units or renovating existing buildings for that purpose. The goal of granting the support is to ensure that mobile workers enjoy better access to the residential rental market and to promote investments into establishing residential space for the population.

Renovation grant 2020

Applications can be submitted from 11 June 2020. The comprehensive reconstruction of an apartment building makes it possible to increase the energy efficiency of the building, extends its useful life, raises its value on the real estate market, and provides an improved internal climate. This grant is geared towards apartment associations and local governments that are looking to reconstruct their apartment building as comprehensively as possible.