Modernizing housing requires monetary investment. We offer individuals and families direct support for reducing their costs. Our guarantees also promote major renovations funded by loans.

Services for individuals and families

Housing loan guarantee

The housing loan guarantee is meant for people who desire to take a loan for buying or renovating housing and seek to reduce their down payment obligation. The housing loan guarantee makes it possible to buy an apartment, house, plot of land or summer cottage. In such a case, the purpose of buying a plot must be the construction of a private house and, in the case of a summer cottage, renovation of the summer cottage for year-round living.

Private home renovation support

Our private home renovation support product helps owners of private homes to perform renovation work. The objective is to increase energy performance of detached homes, improve the living environment and increase the housing stock.

Home support for families with many children

The goal of the support is to improve living conditions for families of modest means who have three or more children. Families can use the support to purchase, renovate or expand their home and modernize the systems within their home.

Electrical system renovation support

The purpose of the support is to provide partial funding for the renovation of electrical systems in buildings in Tallinn that use the old voltage system (3×220 V), with the purpose of changing the buildings over to the new 3x230/400V voltage system.