We improve living conditions - Apartment associations

We offer apartment buildings various kinds of financial services to help to increase energy performance and improve the indoor climate.

Both non-returnable support and loan guarantees are available through KredEx.

Services for apartment associations


The loan is directed towards those apartment associations that have received a negative response to their renovation loan application from a bank or an offer with unreasonable terms (e.g.

A loan guarantee is useful if a company wishes to use a bank loan, a lease or bank guarantee but lacks sufficient collateral or operating history to be issued a loan.

NB! KredEx surety can only serve as an additional guarantee for a new obligation (bank loan, lease transaction or bank guarantee).

The objective of the apartment building reconstruction grant is to facilitate the reconstruction of apartment buildings to be energy-efficient, to improve indoor climate and safety, and to mitigate the effects of the emergency situation that was announced on 12 March 2020, in the construction sector.
The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and KredEx are preparing a pilot project which will create prerequisites for accelerating the reconstruction of apartment buildings and reducing the cost of reconstruction. Soon, it will be possible to fix up, with the aid of the State, apartment buildings that were built on the basis of a standardised design, by using prefabricated components to do so.
The comprehensive reconstruction of an apartment building makes it possible to increase the energy efficiency of the building, extends its useful life, raises its value on the real estate market, and provides an improved internal climate. This grant is geared towards apartment associations and local governments that are looking to reconstruct their apartment building as comprehensively as possible.

Comprehensive renovation of an apartment building helps improve the energy performance of the building, prolongs its lifetime, increases its value on the real estate market and ensures better indoor climate. The grant is intended for apartment associations and local authorities who want to renovate their apartment building as comprehensively as possible.

The 2022 application round is closed.

The purpose of the support is to provide partial funding for the renovation of electrical systems in buildings in Tallinn that use the old voltage system (3×220 V), with the purpose of changing the buildings over to the new 3x230/400V voltage system.