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Startup Estonia

KredEx implements the Startup Estonia programme with the aim of creating more start-up success stories in Estonia by developing their ecosystem.

Startup Estonia is related to several development programmes. Through them, we develop the knowledge and skills of start-ups, improve the funding of start-ups and address regulatory bottlenecks.

Startup Estonia is a platform necessary for the development of the Estonian startup ecosystem and valued among the participants in the field, and its priority development directions for the budget period of 2021–2027 are based on the needs of the ecosystem participants, national developments and strategies, as well as global trends in the field. Read more about the Startup Estonia strategy for the period of 2021–2027. 

Fields of activity of Startup Estonia

1. A strong ecosystem

We represent and help develop the local start-up community. There are about 100 organisations in Estonia that offer products and services to start-ups, whether they are in the seed phase or in the growth phase.

2. Talent

We make sure that start-ups have access to talent. To do this, we offer programmes for advancement of knowledge and skills as well as the Startup Visa programme, which helps attract international talent to Estonia.

3. Smart money

We assist in raising awareness among local investors and engaging foreign investors. We launch new accelerator funds for early-phase start-ups.

4. Regulations

We represent the interests of the start-up community and address regulatory bottlenecks. We promote cooperation between start-ups and the public sector.

We also work with the developers of several focus fields and pilot projects.

● Focus on cybersecurity

We have been helping to increase the sector of start-up cyber security companies in Estonia since 2017. To this end, we develop the community of the industry, support the growth of cyber security start-ups and help them expand into foreign markets.

● Focus on education

In late 2018, we started a collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Research to create a favourable platform for the inception and growth of EdTech start-ups with international growth plans.

● Supporting the activities of business and start-up incubators in Ida-Viru County through the development of a start-up ecosystem

In late 2018, we started a collaboration with the Ministry of Finance to create a functioning ecosystem for start-ups in Ida-Viru County and to support business support structures there in order to give rise to a favourable growth environment for start-ups.


Find out more at www.startupestonia.ee.

The Startup Estonia programme (project number: EU50651) is financed out of the resources of the European Regional Development Fund.

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