The purpose of sales turnover insurance is to provide your company with protection against losses due to payment problems on the buyer’s end.

The insurance coverage can be used to cover all your sales or transactions to certain countries. It will help your company venture more boldly into new markets, gain better knowledge about business partners’ backgrounds and ensure financial stability.


  • You save time and money obtaining and evaluating background information on buyers
  • You gain the option of selling confidently on new and unknown markets
  • You derive a competitive advantage as instead of asking for a prepayment, you offer buyers a payment term
  • You will receive assistance in collecting debts
  • You will receive compensation if the buyer proves insolvent

For who?

  • starting enterprise
  • established company
  • exporting company

Service is suitable if

  • you are looking for broader insurance coverage for sales
  • you have buyers in Estonia and abroad
  • you plan to increase export volumes to new levels
  • the payment term for your buyers is generally 90 days (not more than 360 days)

Important conditions

  • Insurance covers losses your company incurs due to unpaid invoices
  • You will be indemnified for insurance events agreed upon in the insurance policy
  • Lines of credit can be sought for buyers
  • Buyers may be located abroad or in Estonia
  • The payment tern for your buyers is generally 90 days (not more than 360 days)
  • Your expenses on the insurance policy comprise the premium and the fee for evaluation of buyers
  • Additional options: insurance coverage for affiliates operating abroad, insurance coverage for production period, possible to combine with factoring service offered by banks
  • You are required to provide timely notice to KredEx should a buyer be late with a payment

The sales turnover insurance process

Fill in the form and send it to krediidikindlustus@kredex.ee. If you have any questions, contact our account managers.

Before making an offer, we will make sure whether we understood your company’s needs correctly and explain how the insurance works.

We will make you an offer listing the conditions of the insurance and expenses related to the insurance. We’ll also analyse the background of your most important buyers and explain how the insurance works.

If the offer was suitable, we will sign the insurance agreement and you will receive the invoice for the first premium. The insurance agreement runs 12 months, and the premiums generally are payable quarterly.

KredEx will approve the maximum line of credit that is covered by insurance for each buyer. During the insurance year, you can flexibly apply for lines of credit for new buyers and change the existing limits.

At the end of each quarter, we’ll expect your insured turnover declaration. At the end of the insurance period, we will perform an offsetting based on what your actual insured sales turnover came to.

If a buyer is late with a payment, first send them a reminder yourself. If this doesn’t help resolve the problem, let us know within 30 days of the end of the first collection attempt (you can find this on the insurance policy and it is usually 30 days). Send us the information by email to krediidikindlustus@kredex.ee or using the form on our website.

You can file a claim if an insurance event has occurred. This may be a bankruptcy or situation where an invoice is 180 days past due. Fill in the claim form, appending/attaching documents that substantiate the loss.

We will make the decision on the claim within one month after receiving the application and supporting documents. We will communicate our decision to you in writing.

Contact us

Anneli Liinat

Client Manager
anneli.liinat [at] kredex.ee

Külli Saarepera

Client Manager
kylli.saarepera [at] kredex.ee

Before signing the contract, check the terms and conditions of AS KredEx Krediidikindlustus and, if you have any further questions, contact our specialists.