Export loan


The KredEx export loan is intended for financing transactions involving the export of goods produced in Estonia, and the loan is issued to an Estonian exporter. The purpose of the export loan is to provide the foreign buyer with a repayment term of at least two years, and to finance the payment of the credit insurance premium and, if necessary, the production of goods to be sold to the foreign buyer.

The target audience is all exporters.


  • The export loan helps companies find new customers and grow export volumes

For who?


established company
exporting company

Service is suitable if

  • the applicant is sustainable and solvent; and
  • the applicant's equity complies with the requirements of the Commercial Code; and
  • the applicant is entered in the Estonian Commercial Register and the required information has been submitted to it; and
  • the applicant does not have any unresolved payment arrears and no overdue tax debts; and
  • the owners and members of the board of directors of the applicant are reliable and competent; and
  • the applicant has experience with similar export projects.

Important conditions

Loans will not be granted to the following activities and undertakings:
  • primary production of agricultural products, fishing and aquaculture, forestry activities
  • manufacture, processing and marketing of tobacco (and related products)
  • manufacture, processing and marketing of weapons and ammunition
  • the loan applicant is owned by a person who is resident in a country or territory that is considered a non-cooperative jurisdiction under § 10¹ of the Income Tax Act
Loan amount

Up to EUR 15,000,000 per foreign buyer, but not more than the insured credit limit.

Loan interest

At a minimum, the interest rate is equal to the market interest rate. If it is not possible to determine the market interest rate, the interest rate on the export loan is at least equal to the lower of:

  • the reference rate established on the basis of a communication from the European Commission, or
  • the Commercial Interest Reference Rate (CIRR) set by the OECD.
Contract fees
  • The contract fee is 1% of the loan amount
  • The contract amendment fee is 0.2% of the loan balance
Loan period

2–10 years

Repayment of the loan

The foreign buyer makes payments at least twice per year

Prerequisites for granting a loan

1. Insuring the credit and political risk related to the foreign buyer, and designating KredEx as a beneficiary in the insurance contract. The insurance cover for credit and political risk must be at least 95% of the balance of the credit granted to the foreign buyer.

2. Assigning the claim arising from the export transaction against the foreign buyer to KredEx as of the delivery of the goods to the foreign buyer.

3. Insuring production risk in the case of financing the production of goods sold to an external buyer.

4. Provision of other collateral in favour of KredEx, if necessary.


Good to know

  • The precondition for issuing the loan is that the KredEx Krediidikindlustus must insure the credit risk and political risk associated with the foreign buyer, see link to insurance page.
  • Find out more about Enterprise Estonia’s services for businesses here

Application process

The exporter submits an application for the export loan and export credit insurance to KredEx Krediidikindlustuse AS. The application must be accompanied by:

  1. financial forecasts;
  2. an overview of the company and a description of the transaction;
  3. (audited) annual report for the ended financial year and an interim report for the current year that is not older than three months.

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