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The following documents are required to apply for the home grant:

1. Application

  • When submitting the application in the KredEx’ e-service environment, use the relevant online form available in that environment; the application has to be digitally signed; or
  • Application in PDF format for submission by e-mail; the application has to be digitally signed; or
  • Application in Word format for submission on paper by post.

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2. Tax certificate(s) for the taxable income received by all adult household members (including any additional household members) of the applicant in 2018.
The tax certificate(s) have to be submitted even if no taxable income was received in 2018!
The tax certificate(s) must be provided with the digital or handwritten signature of a representative of the Tax and Customs Board.
Attention! Please do not submit a personal income tax return, which is not the document required for the application, instead of a tax certificate.

Read more about taxable income and tax certificates here.

Tax returns from foreign tax authorities – must be provided if adult household members worked abroad as non-residents in 2018. The returns have to be submitted together with the tax certificates from the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, even if no taxable income was received in 2018 in Estonia!

3. Budget of construction works (using the online form in the e-service environment or the special KredEx’ form) – must be provided if the grant is requested for construction-related activities. The applicant is required to complete the form for the budget of construction works on the basis of the price quotes previously obtained.
Price quotes – in the case of contracted works, two comparative price quotes from contractors (company, sole proprietor, private individual) must be submitted; when purchasing building materials, one price quote from a building materials store must be submitted.
Photos – 1-2 photos of each work/deficiency for which the grant is requested and which is indicated in the budget of construction works must be submitted.
When submitting the application and supporting documents via e-mail, the volume limit is 10 MB. We recommend copying the photos into one Word document and sending them in a single file.
Attention! Price quotes and photos are mandatory supporting documents for the budget of construction works!

Read more about construction-related activities and the required supporting documents here.

4. Description of the desired dwelling (using the online form in the e-service environment or the special KredEx’ form) – must be provided if the grant is applied for to acquire a dwelling.
In the case of a wish to purchase a dwelling, the applicant has to present to KredEx an initial vision of the dwelling that would meet the needs of the applicant’s household and that the applicant would like to buy for the grant. To this end, a model property should be selected from among property sales offers, based on which the applicant will prepare a description of the desired dwelling. The application may also be submitted for the acquisition of a specific property which, for example, the household is using under a lease. Photos of the desired dwelling are not required and need not be submitted.
Attention! When choosing the model property, applicants are advised not to enter into binding agreements with the seller of the dwelling (e.g. enter into a booking agreement and make a down payment), as the processing of applications takes quite a while and receiving the grant is not certain for all applicants.

Read more about the acquisition of a dwelling and the required documents here.

5. Supporting documentation to be provided where necessary:

  • in the case of co-ownership, notarised rules of use or a written agreement between the co-owners on the rules of use, together with the plan of the dwelling;
  • in the case of an additional household member, the certificate from the educational institution or the decision issued after a medical assessment confirming the household member’s compliance with the requirements of section 1.2.5 of the guideline;
  • in the case of a child with severe or profound disability, the decision issued after a medical assessment;
  • the decision on appointment as a foster parent or legal guardian;
  • in the case of existence of additional real estate that does not qualify as a dwelling, a description in free form and photos of the real estate or a certificate from the local authority confirming that the real estate that does not qualify as a dwelling;
  • certificate from the creditor demonstrating the actual balance of the debt in the case that, according to the data of the payment default register of AS Krediidiinfo, the applicant who owns a dwelling has a debt of more than 1500 EUR and there is a discrepancy between the debt indicated in the payment default register and the actual debt, which may affect the applicant’s eligibility. The balance of debt needs to be certified only in the case that enforcement proceedings have not been initiated to recover the debt.

Attention! Applicants’ identity documents, marriage certificates and children’s birth certificates are not required on the application and need not be submitted.

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