Starting from 15 January, private residence owners can apply for a heating device renewal grant


On 15 January, KredEx will open an application round aimed primarily at helping people with lower incomes renew their heating devices. The application round will remain open for seven days, regardless of the number of applications submitted. The total budget for the application round is 10 million euros.

This is the first application round where grants can be applied to for the installation of new ovens, fixing of old ones and connecting to a district heating network.

“The current application round is primarily aimed at supporting homeowners with smaller incomes who have not replaced their heating devices due to financial reasons,” said Minister of Climate Kristen Michal. “Renewing the heating device at home helps to make heating more efficient, as newer generation ovens produce more energy, thereby helping to save on heating costs. They are also beneficial for the homeowner’s personal health, as modern hearths are less polluting to the environment.”

All applications submitted throughout the week are ranked by KredEx based on the grant ruling according to taxable income on tax certificates from the Tax and Customs Board, with preference given to people with lower incomes. The grant is distributed based on the ranking. If the taxable income is equal between applicants, priority is given to people from areas where the concentration of very fine particles in the air (PM2.5) exceeds the allowed concentration (>6.5 µg/m3), or where the number of people affected by air pollution is higher. If the residences are located in regions with similar levels of air pollution and an equal number of people affected by air pollution, preference is given to the residence with a larger heating surface.

The grant can be applied to, for example, for the installation or renewal of a modular oven, heat-retaining fireplace or an oven built by a potter. For connecting to a district heating network, the grant can be applied to for the installation of radiators or underfloor heating. If you wish to apply for a grant for the installation of an air-to-water heat pump, geothermal heat pump or a wood or pellet boiler, you will need to wait for the opening of the second application round, which will take place in the second half of the year.

To be eligible for the grant, the applicant’s residence must have been taken into use before 1 January 2010. The residence must have a central heating or distributed heating system, and the energy source should be solid fuels.

Applications can be submitted by natural persons through the e-grant environment. The maximum amount that can be granted is 10,000 euros. The grant amount is either 50% or 70%, depending on the location. The 70% grant amount is applicable in Jõhvi, Kiviõli and Sillamäe in Ida-Virumaa, Jõgeva and Põltsamaa in Jõgevamaa and Valga, Otepää and Tõrva in Valgamaa. The 50% grant is applicable in Pirita, Nõmme, Kesklinn, Kristiine, Haabersti and Põhja-Tallinn in Tallinn, as well as in Tartu, Viljandi, Rakvere, Kuressaare, Keila, Võru, Türi, Saue, Paide, Tapa, Kärdla, Elva, Haapsalu, Karksi-Nuia, Kilingi-Nõmme and Pärnu.

To receive the grant, it is important that the grant applicant does not start any work, such as demolishing the old oven before the grant has been approved.

The application round is partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The regulation for the measure is developed by the Ministry of Climate, and the applications are opened in the e-grant environment. Information about the conditions for applying can be found on the KredEx website. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email at [email protected].

In addition to this measure, a reconstruction grant for small residences financed by the European Union Recovery and Resilience Facility will soon be available. This grant can be used for completing full reconstructions as well as single works. Apartment buildings heated by oven heating can be renewed with the assistance of the apartment building reconstruction grant.