Low-income families with many children will be able to apply for Home Support starting May 29


Low-income families with many children will be able to apply for Home Support under updated terms to improve their living conditions at any EAS and KredEx joint office starting May 29.

Home Support is a form of housing allowance meant for low-income families with three or more children who do not have sufficient living space or whose living space does not meet modern standards of living. Eligible activities include buying or building a new home, expanding or renovating one’s current living space and work related to technical systems.

The support is given based on, among other factors, the family’s economic livelihood, i.e. the amount of household income per member of the household. Until now, only families whose income was up to 355 euros per person per month in the preceding calendar year were eligible for Home Support, but this limit has now been raised to 450 euros, allowing more families to receive support.

Energy efficiency and housing department manager at EAS and KredEx Triin Reinsalu said, “Support will be granted first and foremost to families that either lack a home or whose current housing does not meet modern standards of living, including those which lack water or sanitation systems or have deprecated washrooms, do not have waterproof roofing or have insufficient or life threatening heating systems.”

Home Support for families with many children is financed from the state budget with approximately 3 million euros per year. Support limits per family remain in the range of 5000-10,000 euros, and in exceptional cases up to 18,000 euros. The sum granted to first time recipients and families with more than four children is up to 10,000 euros. Families with up to four children that have previously received Home Support can receive up to 5000 euros. The maximum possible sum of 18,000 euros is granted if the existing housing lacks basic living conditions and income per family member is under 260 euros per month. The support can be applied for a maximum of two times.

Since 2008, the living conditions of more than 15,000 children have been improved with the Home Support.

For more information please visit kredex.ee/en/services/housing/home-support-families-many-children