Information about cookies

About cookies

We use cookies on the website Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or other device upon visiting a website.  Today, the use of cookies is a standard procedure for most websites.

Why does KredEx use cookies on its website?

Cookies enable one to improve the website functionality and facilitate the browsing experience for visitors. Cookies enable our web servers to recognise your devices and adapt the content automatically in a way to suit your settings and needs when visiting the page.  Cookies also give us user statistics, which enables one to measure and assess the functionality of our website. The obtained information is used to improve the user convenience and content of the site.

Cookies used on the website of KredEx

Session cookies

These are only saved for the time you visit the website. We use session cookies for statistical and analytical purposes.

Permanent cookies

Permanent cookies are saved for a specific period of time, however you can delete them from your device if you wish to. Permanent cookies that monitor the performance of the website collect data on how the visitors use the website and to what extent. The entire information collected by these cookies is consolidated, generalised and anonymous. Over time, KredEx may update and adjust the cookies to improve the service quality.

How do you adjust the settings of cookies?

A user of the KredEx website is deemed to have agreed to cookies, if the cookies are permitted in the browser setting of the user. Most of the web browsers enable one to control cookies through the browser settings. You can decide yourself whether to permit cookies and to what extent. To opt-out from cookies or restrict their use, you may adjust the settings of your browser in a way that the cookies are automatically prohibited or the web browser will notify you every time when the website asks permission to add cookies. In order to adjust the respective settings, please refer to the help function of your browser. You may also delete all cookies saved on your device. Please note that the settings must be changed individually for each browser and the displayed settings may differ. However, all functions of the website might not be operable, if you block cookies. It is possible to refuse the use of permanent cookies without generally having a material impact on the website functions. But, if you do not accept session cookies, the web services offered by different websites may be restricted. If you wish to get more information about cookies, including to see what kind of cookies have been stored on your computer and how to manage or delete them, you will find useful information, for example, from the following websites: or