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Home grant awarded to 337 large families 25.11.2019

This year, 337 families raising three or more children received a home grant from KredEx—there are 1192 children growing up in these families altogether. The total sum of the grants allocated this year was over EUR 3.1 million. From next year, families will be able to apply for more grants than before.

Kaarel Aus begins managing the KredEx Enterprise Department 26.09.2019

On 16 September, Kaarel Aus joined the KredEx team, being responsible for the services offered by the KredEx Enterprise Department.

Estonian startup sector is growing and becoming more diversified 08.08.2019

In the first 6 months of the year, EUR 117 million were invested in Estonian startup companies. There are 44% more people working in local startups compared to yoy. In the first half-year, 650 Estonian startups paid nearly EUR 33 million in labour taxes, which is 57% more than in the first half of the previous year.

The Baltic Innovation Fund 2 is signed, envisioning over EUR 300m to finance Baltic SME 07.08.2019

The continuation of the Baltic Innovation Fund initiative has been ensured through the signature of the ‘Baltic Innovation Fund 2 agreement’, agreed by the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the three Baltic States.

The Startup Visa success story continues 31.07.2019

A total of 572 people were granted a Startup Visa or an associated temporary residence permit during the first half of the year, with 446 being workers and 126 start-up founders looking to develop their own business in Estonia. The most popular countries in terms of those looking to relocate to Estonia are Brazil, India, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Iran.

Estonia stood out positively in the world’s most important survey of startups 15.05.2019

This Friday, the results of the international startup ecosystem survey – Startup Genome – will be presented during the conference Latitude59 at the Tallinn Creative Hub. The survey also included Estonia, which was identified as a strong ecosystem for the development of the financial technology and cyber security sectors.