Starting today, least privileged families with many children can apply for the home support


On 25 April, the KredEx and Enterprise Estonia joint organisation will start accepting applications for home support for least privileged families with many children. This year, more than 3 million euros will be contributed in order to improve the living conditions of families with many children. Applications can be submitted until 6 June.

Families raising at least three children up to the 19 years of age and whose earned income per household member in the previous year was a maximum of EUR 355 per month, will have the opportunity to improve their living conditions. First and foremost, the support will be granted to the families who do not have their own homes or existing dwellings do not meet modern living conditions, do not have a water and sewerage system or have depreciated washrooms, the roof is not water-resistant or the heating furnaces do not provide sufficient warm temperatures at home or are life-threatening. 

The maximum amount of the support is EUR 10,000. Families with three and four children who have previously been allocated a home support once can apply for an additional 5,000 euros for a second time. Families with five or more children who have previously been allocated a home support can apply for 10,000 euros the second time. Home support may be provided twice to one family.

According to Triin Reinsalu, Head of the Housing and Energy Efficiency Department of the KredEx and Enterprise Estonia joint organisation, the impact of energy efficiency on people's well-being should not be underestimated. 

"Making homes more energy efficient has a real impact on people's health, wallets and climate more broadly. Many families feel this particularly painfully in the context of a continuing energy crisis. However, despite the growing well-being of our society, every year we see families whose living conditions do not meet the basic requirements in today's terms. However, people's awareness of the importance of energy efficiency has increased and home support is a good opportunity for these families to actually fix their homes."

Non-refundable support can be used in several ways. For example, expenditure relating to the construction, renovation, alteration or extension of a dwelling, as well as expenditure relating to the construction, alteration or replacement of technical housing installations or networks of the household. In addition, it can be used for purchasing a dwelling, if the household doesn’t have their own actual home or the house or apartment owned by the household fails to meet modern living conditions, including being too small in terms of space for the family based on reasonable assumptions. 

Families who have previously received support must have used the previous support for the intended purpose and within the prescribed term by the time of the application for recurrent support and submitted a final report confirming it to KredEx. 

Applications can be submitted until 6 June this year. Additional information about the terms and conditions and applying can be found HERE.