Lehar Kütt to become head of KredEx


On 22 April, the Supervisory Board of KredEx approved the proposal to appoint Lehar Kütt as the Chief Executive Officer of the foundation. Kütt will assume his position as the Chief Executive Officer of KredEx at the beginning of May. “Knowing that Kütt has long-term leadership experience at KredEx, and him having worked side-by-side with the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO), provides assurance that the management of the foundation will remain consistent, and I am glad to see that the supporter of entrepreneurship in Estonia is developing strong leaders internally,” stated Merike Saks, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of KredEx and Secretary General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

Starting from 2008 Lehar Kütt has been the Head of the Enterprise Division of KredEx and a member of the financial committee. Previously, Kütt served as the director of the Pärnu County Entrepreneurship and Development Centre. Kütt holds a Master’s level degree in economics in the field of social sciences.

Andrus Treier, who has worked at KredEx since 2003, will be resigning his position at the end of April, at his own request