Home grant being applied for by 1154 families


According to the preliminary data, 1154 families submitted an application to KredEx to receive the home grant in the total amount of EUR 10.1 million. The average grant amount is EUR 7150 and there are a total of 3934 children in the families applying for the grant.

“The number of children is one factor that could significantly influence how the families cope economically. This year, we extended the circle of grant applicants and, as can be clearly seen, the home grant measure is very important for families with 3 children,” said Minister of Entrepreneurship Liisa Oviir. “The condition of the growing and learning environment is crucial in children’s development, and I am sure that the home grant measure can improve the situation of many families. I believe that the state needs to support families with many children, in order to provide them with a feeling of confidence,” Oviir added.

The state-provided grant for improving and modernising housing conditions is meant for families with at least three up to 19-year-old children, whose income per each member of the household is up to EUR 355 per month. The maximum possible grant is EUR 8,000.

A majority of the applications were received from Harju County (250), Ida-Viru County (195), and Tartu County (129). The fewest applications were received from Hiiu County (9), Lääne County (19), and Rapla County (36). Of the applicants, 996 submitted an application for the first time and 158 were repeat applicants. This year, it was possible for the first time to apply for the home grant via the KredEx e-service. In total, 420 families used this option.

A total of 793 families with 3 children and 278 families with 4 children applied for the grant. The biggest family has 10 children; in addition, there are two families with 8 children. The average income per family member in the families applying for the grant is EUR 189. A total of 3934 children are living in these families. In total, EUR 3.2 million shall be distributed to families with many children to improve their living conditions.

According to Triin Reinsalu, Head of the Housing and Energy Efficiency Division at KredEx, the call for applications can be considered successful. “The home grant for families with many children is a great option to improve their living conditions. Among other things, the grant allows for thermal insulation to be applied to homes, thereby providing a better indoor climate for the children. It is a joy that the information about the grant has also successfully reached families with 3 children, who have not been supported before.”

The non-returnable grant can be used in several ways. For instance, in the case of expenses related to establishing, renovating, rebuilding, or expanding housing, but also for expenses related to establishing, changing, or replacing the housing’s technical systems or networks. In addition, it could be used for purchasing housing or paying the remaining balance of a housing loan. Ancillary activities related to the works are also eligible, for instance, expenses related to preparing building design documentation, owner supervision, applying for a building permit or submitting a building notice.

The applications are currently being processed. Before making the decision, KredEx will conduct an on-site inspection of the applicants.