Home grant is applied for by 525 families with many children


To receive the home grant, allocated by KredEx, 525 families submitted their application in the total amount of 3.8 million euros. The average grant amount being applied for is 5769 euros.

The state-provided non-returnable grant for improving and modernising the housing conditions is meant for families with at least four up to 19-year-old children, whose income per one member of the household is up to 355 euros per month based on the income tax returns of the past two years.
The average income of families applying for the grant is 144.6 euros; the average taxable income of 45 families in 2013 and 2014 has been 0 euros. There are a total of 2,386 children in the families applying for the grant.

The maximum grant amount is 7,000 euros, and if there are 8 or more children in the household of the applicant, the maximum grant amount is 14,000 euros. The total amount allocated for the grants is 1.8 million euros.

Eligible activities include building, reconstruction or expansion of a house; building, changing or replacement of technical systems or networks of a house; purchase of a house, payment of the balance of the principal part of a housing loan, covering of the expenses of preparing the building design documentation for the construction or renovation of a building and carrying out owner supervision.

The largest number of applications was received from Harju County (78), Tartu County (65) and Ida-Viru County (57). The smallest number of applications was received from Hiiu County (1), Lääne County (5) and Saare County (11). The number of first time applicants is 311 and 214 families are repeated applicants.

The applications are currently being processed. Before making the decision, KredEx will conduct on-the-site inspection of the applicants. The decisions on granting or refusing the applications shall be made by 7 December the latest.