ELMO short-term car rental is inviting everyone to try driving an electric car


From Thursday, 11 July, it is possible to try driving an electric car easily and for a reasonable price. The service, starting in Tallinn and Tartu under the electrical mobility programme (ELMO) brings a couple of dozen Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi IMiEV electric cars to towns, which can be rented by mobile phone in a few seconds. Special prices are offered during the testing period lasting until autumn.

According to Mirja Adler, coordinator of the electrical mobility programme, feedback is expected during the testing period about how simple or complicated it is to use the rental service, as well as information regarding the average rental period.

“We shall also have an idea of the most attractive rental locations, so that we can open the service in autumn already to full extent and with the best rental points. One goal of the service is to make it possible for people using public transport between Tallinn and Tartu to use electric cars within the towns. Rental points of electric cars are available at the bus stations of both towns and from autumn also at railway stations to facilitate convenient transport from the destination,” Adler said.

After signing a rental service contract at www.elmo.ee everything takes place by mobile phone: it is possible to find a free vehicle from the map, and one can start the rental session of a vehicle, open and lock the doors by mobile phone, which is also the car key.
During the testing period, rental points in Tallinn are at Viru Keskus, bus station, Tammsaare Business Centre and Mustamäe Tehnopol. In Tartu, the rental point is located immediately next to the bus station by AHHAA. During the testing period, the introductory fee for the first hour of driving is six euros; every following hour costs three euros. The price limit for using the service for 24 hours is 30 euros.

The security company G4S is responsible for the customer support of the rental service. In addition to 24-hour customer support, G4S shall ensure monitoring and control of the technical state, maintenance, cleaning and transportation of the vehicles. Additional information about rental points and operation of the service is available from the G4S helpline 1911 or ELMO web page www.elmo.ee.