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Estonia stood out positively in the world’s most important survey of startups 15.05.2019

This Friday, the results of the international startup ecosystem survey – Startup Genome – will be presented during the conference Latitude59 at the Tallinn Creative Hub. The survey also included Estonia, which was identified as a strong ecosystem for the development of the financial technology and cyber security sectors.

LHV has commenced providing home loans with KredEx sureties 16.04.2019

Previously, LHV only allowed a self-financing rate that is smaller than usual in the case of additional real estate collateral, but now, a surety by the KredEx Fund can also be used as additional collateral at LHV.

Successful cooperation between large companies and startups requires a credible intermediary 21.02.2019

At the final seminar for Level11, the cooperation programme between large companies and startups, it was noted that there is a great deal to gain from cooperation; however, inexperience and unrealistic expectations could also quickly bring an end to cooperation.  

KredEx provided guarantees to the obligations of 3788 enterprises, private persons and apartment associations in the sum of over EUR 416 million 20.02.2019

In 2018, enterprises and private persons received 416 million euros from banks with the help of a KredEx loan guarantee for financing the operations of their enterprises and the purchase of their home.

The amount of Startup Visa applicants increased more than twice 28.01.2019

The Startup Visa programme turns two years old today. Last year, 483 employees and 174 startup founders applied for a visa, which is more than twice as many compared to 2017. Most of the Startup Visa applications came from and were granted to India, Russia and Turkey.

Local governments using the opportunity to build modern rental housing 15.11.2018

Local governments are able to apply for investment support from KredEx for the development of public housing

Thus far two application rounds have taken place, during the course of which EUR 16 million in support has been granted to 14 local governments for the construction of 18 rental housing buildings or the reconstruction of already existing buildings. The new application round will open on 3 December and applications can be submitted until 4 February 2019.