Entrepreneurship of young people

What are KredEx Career Exploration Tours?

KredEx Career Exploration Tours were launched to introduce Estonian schoolchildren to enterprises operating in their home counties, and in doing so, to expand the knowledge of young people regarding career opportunities and to support an entrepreneurial attitude by young people towards life.

The year 2020 marked the sixth year for Career Exploration Tours. In previous years, KredEx Career Exploration Tours have proven to be a great success among students, and over a period of six years more than 1250 schoolchildren from nearly every county in Estonia have visited enterprises.  

Each year, students in grades 9–12 have the opportunity to visit future employers in their local communities, in order to obtain new knowledge and experience directly in the middle of an enterprise’s everyday activities. 

Last year, the tours were broadcast live via a Zoom video bridge. This year, the virtual career trips will allow all 9th-12th grade students to get to know the future employers in their home county and neighbouring counties better.

In 2020, the video tours were conducted by representatives from enterprises and Karl-Vilhelm Valter, winner of the seventh season of Rakett 69, who met young people via Zoom.

When will the video excursions be taking place?

KredEx Career Exploration Tours will be taking place for the seventh time in early 2022, and will include live broadcasts across Estonia. We will determine the exact dates at the end of December 2021.

Harjumaa koolinoored külastasid 2018. aastal teiste hulgas ka ettevõtet Estanc

KredEx Career Exploration Tours are being funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund. 

Additional information: 

Katalin Püssim, Marketing and Communications Specialist at KredEx, [email protected]