Reconstruction grant 2022-2027



The comprehensive reconstruction of an apartment building increases its energy efficiency and extends its useful life, raises its value on the real estate market, and leads to an improved indoor climate. This grant is geared towards apartment associations that are looking to reconstruct their apartment building as comprehensively as possible.

We will open an application round for the grant on 10.04.2023. The volume of funds for the application round is 80 million euros.


  • Energy savings
  • Healthy indoor climate
  • Good-as-new dwelling

For who?


apartment association


The grant applicant must provide an energy performance certificate based on the measured and calculated energy consumption. These are marked by the same scale (letters A–H) and the same measurement unit (kWh/m2a) is used, but the calculation methodology is slightly different.

An energy performance certificate based on measured energy consumption is drawn up on the basis of the actual measured consumption data of the building. Therefore, this indicator is directly related to how much energy the building and its inhabitants consume. It shows the energy consumption before the reconstruction.

Since it is not possible to provide data in advance on the energy consumption measured after the reconstruction, a calculated energy performance certificate is required. This is a calculation attached to the building design documentation, which is submitted on the basis of the calculated standard use of the building. A calculated energy performance certificate (energy performance indicator) is needed to prove that the apartment association meets the conditions for the grant.

With the help of standard use, it is possible to compare the energy performance of buildings, not the consumption patterns of building occupants. In the case of standard use, the indoor climate parameters (air circulation, indoor temperature) and the energy consumption of the building occupants (hot water, electricity) are predefined.

The result of these calculations may differ from the energy performance certificate submitted based on the measured energy consumption, because the indoor climate conditions and the energy consumption of the occupants may differ from the values serving as the basis for standard use.

A technical expert gives free advice to an apartment association concerning the reconstruction process. The expert explains what technical solutions are suitable for the apartment association and what the necessary steps are for carrying out the reconstruction process (including preparation of the construction project, list of construction works).

Technical experts


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