Credit insurance

Credit insurance protects against buyer non-payment risk

Credit insurance provides assurance in situations where a buyer is given the opportunity to pay invoices after goods have been delivered or services have been provided, and there is a risk that the buyer is not paying. 

In case when the buyer is not able to pay for the received goods or services, KredEx will compensate the damage arising from unpaid invoices under the contract. Such inability may be caused by the buyer’s temporary or permanent payment difficulties, or political events in their country of location.

KredEx’s services are meant for both small and large enterprises. For many financial institutions, credit insurance is a suitable security for factoring and loan products.

How can we help your enterprise?

You no longer have to be afraid of damages incurred by the company due to unpaid invoices. If you have insured the buyer’s default risks, in the case of an insured event, KredEx will compensate the damages caused due to the reason that the buyer was unable to perform their payment obligation. In the course of loss adjustment, KredEx will assess the extent of damage, determine the insurance benefit and organise the fast disbursement thereof.

Entering a foreign market may be a significant challenge for you as an entrepreneur, since it is fairly difficult to assess the economic risks there, and it is also not always easy to obtain information about the financial behaviour of potential buyers. KredEx helps you feel more confident when creating new cooperative relations abroad. For this, we will check the background of a buyer located abroad, and evaluate their solvency. If necessary, we will help you with collecting amounts payable for invoices from buyers located abroad.

Using KredEx’s services will create favourable conditions for you to increase the sales volume, revenue and competitiveness of your company. With the support of credit insurance services, it is safe to increase the sales volume, since the buyer’s default risks are mitigated. Revenue obtained from the increase in sales volume means that credit insurance services are also beneficial, even if no insured events occur.

Knowing your customers and the informed choice thereof are important prerequisites for the success of every business relationship. KredEx’s day-to-day work includes checking the background of companies and assessing their creditworthiness. These operations performed in the course of the credit insurance service help you better understand your company’s customers and their abilities. Thus, you are able to make the correct decisions in choosing new customers and agreeing on terms of sale, and to better manage your company’s credit risks.

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