Consultation at County Development Centres

We provide apartment associations with different types of financial services that help to maintain the building, increase its energy efficiency and improve the indoor climate. Through us, it is possible to apply for a loan and a loan guarantee, as well as for a non-repayable grant.

County Development Centres across Estonia (excluding Harju and Ida-Viru County, where advises KredEx and Lääne-Viru County where advises Lääne-Viru Omavalitsuste Liit) are now offering free consultations regarding KredEx’s services directed at apartment associations. To access this service, you must choose a suitable county from the website, contact the consultant working in the selected county, and arrange a time for a meeting.

Consultants at County Development Centres provide consultation regarding the following services:

The consultant will explain:

  • what services are suitable for your apartment association
  • what requirements have been set for the applicant and the application
  • what documents are required to apply
  • what is the list of works to be financed with the help of the loan, guarantee or grant
  • what are the obligations of the grant recipient
  • what is the process and what are its deadlines

If necessary, the consultant will also provide help with filling in and submitting the KredEx application.

In addition, it is possible to invite consultants from County Development Centres to participate in the general meeting of the apartment association, free of charge, where they will help explain the terms and conditions of services directed at the apartment association. Regarding technical questions, technical consultants provided on the KredEx website will continue to provide help.

It is possible to receive consultations in Estonian and in Russian, depending on the region.

Please contact your local Development Centre
Harju County apartment associations are advised by KredEx. Feel free to contact Jana Toome 
[email protected], +372 5306 4914.
Ida-Viru County apartment associations are advised by KredEx. Feel free to contact Ljudmila Peussa [email protected], +372 5561 8685.
Lääne-Viru County apartment associations are advised by Lääne-Viru Omavalitsuste Liit - Feel free to contact Marko Teiva [email protected], +372 5344 0585.


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