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Ave Sullin karjäär

Ave Sullin

Lead Analyst for KredEx Krediidikindlustus

I joined the KredEx Krediidikindlustus (Credit Insurance) team in 2010, right after the insurance company was founded. Over the years, the insurer has become an important adviser for Estonian companies and a partner in hedging credit risks.

My work allows me to make a contribution to Estonian companies’ success stories – I help them succeed even better in international competition. A credit analyst’s work is international and diverse, and so is our selection of export partners around the world.

We have also been able to convey our knowledge to companies by providing training in the field of financial analysis.

A pleasant work environment, enjoyable colleagues and the opportunity to work with top international personnel have all been fulfilling and contributed to my development.


Lisel Kaup karjäär

Lisel Kaup

Contract Manager

I first joined the KredEx team in February 2017. I had just returned from a long trip and was once again in the process of searching for a job. I was actively following job advertisements and comparing their requirements with my skills and characteristics. KredEx was looking for a substitute secretary, but my previous work experience was in the area of logistics, instead. Since I had heard that KredEx was a good employer, I decided to apply. 

When I got the job, I had to take into account that this was a fixed-term employment contract, i.e. I was the substitute for an employee who had gone on maternity leave. I acknowledged to myself that my employment relationship might be brief, but I was sure that I still wanted to gain experience by working for a reputable organisation. 

I am grateful that an excellent onboarding programme was organised for me, and that I always received help in learning my tasks. Even though I was working under a fixed-term contract, I never felt that way because people took me into consideration and invested in me the same way they did with other members of the team. 

After a short period of being away, I was able to return to KredEx. The newly established contract management team required a person who could quickly learn their duties and start working independently. I once again got an opportunity to put myself to the test and learn a new segment of work. I am helped by great companions and previous knowledge of the KredEx work processes.

As an employer, KredEx really cares about its employees, giving us the opportunity to improve ourselves so that we can be the best at our job. I am more than satisfied by the opportunity to be a part of the great team at KredEx, and being able to contribute to the achievement of KredEx's goals.


Raina Toomvap karjäär

Raina Toomvap


I have worked for KredEx for over 10 years. I started out as accountant for the finance department, but in addition to everyday bookkeeping, I was in charge of applications for guarantees and the database of contracts.

When an affiliate of KredEx, AS KredEx Krediidikindlustus, was set up in 2009, work procedures changed in the finance department – a number of new duties were added and after that point, my work was solely in the field of accounting. The work became more interesting and full of variety and responsibility. There were new fields and it required study and learning on my part.

Now I am the accountant at AS SmartCap, a KredEx subsidiary. The new field varies from the everyday work I performed previously and is an exciting challenge for me.

The work is highly motivating for me, as the constant development of both KredEx and its subsidiaries poses new challenges to study and acquire new skills. A modern work environment, great cooperation between departments and great co-workers make everyday work pleasant.


Natalja Pauku karjäär

Natalja Pauku

Customer Account Manager

I came to KredEx in 2009. I had worked for a long time in various positions at Swedbank and I was looking for new challenges exactly as KredEx was looking for a customer account executive for its enterprise division due to an increase in work volumes. As I had already had some exposure to KredEx due to my previous duties, I decided to apply and I got the job.

My duties of employment were analysis and evaluation of guarantee and loan projects. Working as a customer account manager, I had an opportunity to keep abreast of Estonian enterprise and the economy as well as developments outside Estonia. My work to this point has been interesting and motivating, as it is diverse and not humdrum. The work also requires me to learn as I go, as our clients operate in many different sectors and include companies just starting out as well as big, successful businesses. The work allows me to keep up to date with changes in the entrepreneurial environment and do my part to help the Estonian economy grow.

As an employer, KredEx is very compassionate, fair and just, it gives me an opportunity to have a say on important matters pertaining to the work and it appreciates people who display intelligent initiative. For me, KredEx’s great and multifaceted team is important as well. It consists of specialists from many different areas. Our cooperation is professional and spending free time together is very pleasant.


Sander Sillavee karjäär

Сандер Силлавеэ

Social media specialist

I joined Startup Estonia and KredEx in August 2017, starting as a marketing and communications assistant. I really appreciated KredEx's flexibility in being able to link this job to obtaining a Master's level degree in Communication Management from the University of Tartu. I immediately felt at home in the team, and my contribution was taken into account. I was included in many projects over a short period of time, and what was initially a part-time job has since developed into a fruitful working relationship. 

I really appreciate the fact that the activities of Startup Estonia are helping to support the co-creation of success stories by Estonian start-ups and the development of the community.