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How to apply for capital loan?

In order to apply for capital loan, it is necessary to fill in an application (ID card or Mobile ID is required for logging into the environment of e-services), and enclose the following:

  • financial forecasts on the form of KredEx
  • business plan
  • report of the most recent financial year
  • balance sheet and income statement of the current financial year, provided that no more than two months have passed from the end of the reporting period at the moment of submission of the application
  • CVs of the key persons of the company

If, in addition to the subordinated loan, a bank loan is also to be applied for, it is recommended to contact both the bank as well as KredEx at the same time in order to enable them to mutually coordinate the loan conditions.

Please note! The services provided by KredEx may involve state aid, incl. de mimis aid. The entrepreneur is obliged to disclose any aid which it has received or applied for to finance the project.

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