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For whom is loan guarantee suitable?

Loan guarantee is suitable for apartment buildings that wish to take a loan from a bank to finance renovation and work connected with increasing of the quality of life of inhabitants, but whose risk is evaluated higher than average by the bank (e.g. a high share of debtors, the apartment building is located in an area with low market value pf apartments or in a monofunctional settlement, investment per m² is remarkably higher than the average), or who wishes to use the KredEx guarantee to insure the risk of payment difficulties.

What are the main requirements to an applicant?

  • the loan recipient is an apartment or building association or apartment owners participating in a community or apartment owners.
  • in the event of a community of apartment owners, the loan recipients may be represented by the administrator under an unattested authorisation.
  • the association or community shall be creditworthy.
  • the loan recipient shall have a valid decision of the general meeting regarding the performance of renovation work, taking of loan and conclusion of a guarantee agreement. Renovation work is provided in the management plan of the apartment building.
  • an apartment building is a building with at least 2 apartments.

What are the main terms?

  • up to 80% of the loan amount
  • the guarantee amount decreases proportionally to the loan amount
  • guarantee fee 1.0-1.5% of the guarantee balance per year
  • in the event of a payment difficulty, the loan recipient may submit an application to KredEx for temporary covering of payments by KredEx according to the payment schedule of the credit agreement. Payments to the bank by KredEx on behalf of the loan recipient do not constitute guarantee prepayment, liabilities of the loan recipient before the foundation arising from such payments are established in a separate agreement between them. In the event of a community, the administrator shall be involved in collection of repayments to the foundation from the apartment owners, and also in issuing of claims against apartment owners, if applicable.

How to apply for the loan guarantee?

To apply for a loan guarantee it is necessary to contact a bank. More detailed information regarding apartment building loan guarantee is available from a customer account manager of KredEx.

Banks issuing apartment building loan guarantee: Danske Bank, Krediidipank, Luminor, SEB Pank, Swedbank, Versobank.


In matters regarding loan guarantee for apartment buildings, please contact our client managers.

Please read the apartment building loan guarantee terms and consult our customer account managers if necessary.

  • Kristo Hütt

    Client Manager

    (+372) 667 4113

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